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What is Community Volunteer Action? Find Out!

Blog/NewsJanuary 11th 2017
Mark Gonzalez

Get Involved This Year!

One of the best parts about Hamilton is the endless opportunities available to get involved in the community. In fact, there's even organizations and services available to help expose you to various volunteer opportunities that will help you make a difference!

CVA (Community Volunteer Action) is a network of weekly groups where you can volunteer with other McMaster students at placements located all across Hamilton! Opportunities to help at-risk children, youth, immigrant populations, those who are homeless, and adults living with disabilities are waiting for you!

Once you become a part of one of the weekly groups, your group facilitator helps you find your way to the placement and also facilitates a reflection. This reflection involves a 15-20 minute discussion after each volunteer session that helps you look back on your experience and how it relates to a greater societal issue.

Earlier this week, we had CVA Facilitator, Stephanie Veltri, in the CFMU studios to talk a bit more about this valuable service and how she got involved. We also filmed a fun video as part of our 60 Seconds with CFMU segment that you can find our videos page!

To learn more about CVA and how you can get involved, click here!

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