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SSC x MorningFile: Let's Talk Employment!

Blog/NewsSeptember 28th 2017
Rachel Connell

How do you get a job after graduation? We had the McMaster Student Success Center on MorningFile for the start of a weekly segment where they'll come on air to chat about resources and student issues. This week we were joined by Gisela Oliveira, Manager Career and Employment.

For a busy student, connecting to employment opportunities couldn’t be easier. From career fairs, to company recruitment sessions, and employment crawls, students can literally get in front of dozens of employers this fall term. But, how do you stand out in a competitive marketplace, and how do you impress an employer once you’ve got their attention? The SSC manager of careers and employment shares some of her top tips to help you succeed in the job market. Gisela presents some realistic points for dealing with social media privacy, LinkedIN, follow ups, resume structure and where to look for resources! 

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