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YWCA Equitable Pathways Program

Blog/NewsSeptember 22nd 2017
Rachel Connell

Learn more about all that the YWCA tirelessly has been working on. Maisie joined us on MorningFile to chat about their upcoming events and the large grant that they just received in support of their new Equitable Pathways program that is grounded on the importance of gender equity in schools. The program aims to work on curriculum that will support women in advancing their math, science and trade skills while encouraging them to explore options and understand that they are capable of doing anything they set their mind to.

You can get invovled now by attending their "Elect More Women" conference on October 21st or by nominating someone for a 
"Women of Distinction Award." 

The YWCA is always accepting donations and support for the incredible work they do and they have a variety of ongoing workshops, programs and resources available for the Hamilton community through their website at ywcahamilton.org. You can hear our full interview below: