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Fiona McNeill on RISK FACTOR

Blog/NewsSeptember 15th 2017
Rachel Connell

On MorningFile, Rachel had a chat with Fiona McNeill, the Director of Radiation Sciences at McMaster University.

Fiona appears in the documentary RISK FACTOR which identifies the different risks we take on in our lives and how we perceive them. There was a special screening along with panel discussions and nuclear reactor tours earlier this week and it premiered on TVO in August, but there are a few more events later this month to get involved with.

Fiona is going to be in the TEDx Talk at McMaster U on Thursday, Sept. 21, as part of Science Literacy Week, Sept. 18 – 24. She'll be discussing the documentary RISK FACTOR and her involvement, as well as touching on the importance and challenges of communicating complex scientific knowledge to the general public at large. Nuclear reactor tours are always available and can be booked online here.

View the trailer for RISK FACTOR here or listen to our full interview below.