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Ontario's NDP Leader Andrea Horwath

Blog/NewsSeptember 12th 2017
Rachel Connell

Last Friday, Andra Horwath came to McMaster to mingle with students and chat education with our Student's Union Board of Directors. Andrea is the current leader of the NDP Party for Ontario and with an upcoming election, we were very lucky to get the chance to pick her brain over some issues McMaster students care about. We had her in for a quick interview at the station to discuss how her Hamilton upbringing has impacted her current career path as well as her current education goals to advocate in this upcoming election.

We chat about OUSA and McMaster's priorities for the upcoming year and ask her where her interests line up. As a McMaster Alumnus herself, Andrea had a lot to say about the power McMaster students have through these conversations as well as the long road ahead of us to resolving some major problems. Keep your eyes on next month's issue of the Silhouette for another supplementing interview with Andrea by Sasha Dhesi. 

Featured photo taken by Madeline Neumann