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MacWW2017: MSU Maroons

Blog/NewsAugust 30th 2017
Rachel Connell

The MSU Maroons are McMaster’s spirit squad but they also put in a lot of work behind the scenes. You may know them for bringing the noise at football games or for dancing around with flags during Welcome Week, but that's not all the Maroons do. This week can be full of energy, and this team are just one organization working tirelessly from dawn to dusk to make sure events run smoothly.

Not just during Welcome Week but all year round, the MSU Maroons are here to help bridge the gap between the student body and the Students Union. They’re available to lend a hand, share their pride or assist with information on resources here on campus. This year, you’ll see them at events both on campus and in the Hamilton community supporting athletics, clubs, community organizations and more. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to stay updated and learn how you can get involved.