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Gracie's Gals: Advocating Healthy, Happy Lifestyles in Hamilton

Blog/NewsAugust 15th 2017
Rachel Connell

Gracie's Gals is an empowerment and leadership focused fitness program for girls ages 6-14! Founder and instructor Shelby is a McMaster Alumni who is making a massive impact in our community toward helping young girls feel happy and healthy in their own skin. We had her on MorningFile to chat a bit more about the program and how it started. 

Inspired by a young girl that she used to babysit, Gracie's Gals formed off an obvious interest in young girls to have a fun environment to be active as well as feel comfortable opening up about some of the tough questions they were beginning to face as they grew older. Shelby chats with us about running a business all on her own and how far she's come since the idea first sparked. She runs sessions with plenty of flexibility focusing on affirmations aimed to help the girls develop healthy leadership skills, work together, talk about their bodies and develop positive exercise habits. She works both in the community using public parks as well as at gyms and yoga studios to show the girls that there are many routes to take when it comes to living active lifestyles! 

To get involved with Gracie's Gals, be sure to check out their website or connect with Shelby on Facebook or Instagram. Up next, the girls are going to be running a 5km race and Shelby is currently trying to fill the final spot in her Mother-Daughter session. To grab the last spot, click here!