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Blog/NewsSeptember 21st 2016
Mark Gonzalez

How wild is it knowing that only 8 years ago, one of Hamilton's biggest festivals began? With tons of planning and thousands of people in attendance, Supercrawl 2016 was another huge success for the Steel City! Oh, and of course CFMU had another live broadcast covering tons of artists and community partners at the event!

If you didn't make it out last weekend or missed our live broadcast from the Sonic Unyon building on the Saturday, no worries! We've got every interview from that day uploaded to our lovely friend, the internet. Seriously though...every one of our interviews is on there so it's like you didn't miss a thing!

Okay, so where do we begin? I guess we'll just start off at the beginning of the day. Taylor Knox was our first guest and sat down with Mark Gonzalez of MorningFile and Kristen Archer of the blog you know and love, iHeartHamilton!


After Taylor told us a bit more about his latest Lines-EP, CFMU's Program Director, Jamie Tennant, took over and chatted with the one and only Mother Tareka!

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Our third talk of the day was with someone that we frequently hear from at CFMU. Whether it's about film or arts in general, Ryan Ferguson is definitely the guy to ask. Ryan joined us at Supercrawl to talk about the upcoming film festival in Hamilton (and yes, of course we tried to squeeze every bit of movie information out of him).

Img 4493

After we snagged our selfie with Ryan Ferguson, we were joined by Janice Shearer and Debbie Logel Butler over at the YWCA Hamilton. Janice and Debbie told Kristin and Mark all about the upcoming Women of Distinction Awards and put out a call for nominations!


Just after 2:00pm, our fifth guests of the day arrived. It was time to start talking some more about music and we got all of the inside scoop from The Medicine Hat & Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra. Interesting collab right?

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Next, we sat down with one of our friends/one of the coolest girls around, Jennifer Budd! Jennifer spoke all about her Supercrawl performance  and the start of her Lip Service Tour! Oh, and she may have dropped the news of a secret upcoming performance in Hamilton...

Img 4667

After we got all the latest buzz from Jennifer Budd, it was time to chill out with the the guy who brings us the chillest beats, Mr. Troye Witherow of Illitry. Troye told Mark and Kristin all about a new sound that he's been working on, who some of his biggest musical influences are, and what's in store for him next!

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Our next guest was someone who we've seen before at our Supercast and someone who is always a pleasure to talk to! Tricia LeClair from the Hamilton Children's Choir joined us once again to tell us what the crew has been up to and spoke a bit about their performance that night! She also reminded us of the various choir programs they offer so that YOU can sing with them.

Img 4501

It was now 3:30pm and we had reached the halfway point of our Supercast (which was pretty sad because we were having so much fun). At this point in the game we were pretty hungry and who better to talk food with than Instagram sensation @TasteHamOnt? Jen told us all about how started this trendy blog and the secret behind mastering her Instagram photos.


How adorable is that above pic by the way? Anyway, since we were just talking trendy topics, we thought it would be an awesome fit to have SOBI Hamilton pop by! Midhat Malik, Special Events & Communications Officer, chatted with Mark and James all about SOBI's past ride event, the quickest ways to get around the city, and...Star Trek?

Img 4668

At this point in the game, the weather was not having our back and decided to start raining - but, we weren't too concerned because Jeremy Greenspan of the Junior Boys was our next guest and those addictive tracks can only put you in the best mood, am I right?

Img 4511

Our twelfth guest of the day was a group that we've known for a while and was performing shortly after our interview with them! The guys from SIANspheric popped by and spoke with James about the meaning behind their live shows and the story behind how they first formed!

Just as we began wrapping up with our last three guests of the day, we had the one and only Mitch Derosier from Born Ruffians swing by! Born Ruffians were also performing later on that night and sat down with Jamie Tennant to talk all about it...and take a pic with us cause we may have been a bit starstruck...


After chilling with Mitch for a bit, Jamie spoke with someone who he was hugely excited about (in case you were unaware, Jamie is a huge fan of Alpha-1 Wrestling), Alessandro Del Bruno. He told us all about becoming the Alpha-1 Zero Gravity champion and even showed us THE BELT!


Lastly, to wrap up our live Supercast at the Sonic Unyon, we spoke to none other than Emay all about his latest tracks (believe me, you won't be able to NOT sing these in the shower).

Img 4669

Well, that's it for now folks! Thank you to all of our amazing guests and listeners for supporting us through yet another live broadcast at Supercrawl! We couldn't have done this without you and can't wait for next year's!

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