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Hamilton Fringe Festival Is Packed With McMaster Pride

Blog/NewsJuly 20th 2017
Rachel Connell

Hamilton Fringe Festival has kicked off! What an amazing time of year to highlight some incredible theatre productions here in Hamilton. This year, we’re especially excited to see so much McMaster pride and talent in the lineup among hundreds of thought-provoking and entertaining shows. The first thing you need to do is grab a Fringe Backer Button to unlock all access over the course of July 20th-30th.

Fringe is an accessible, playful and engaging festival with action-packed performances taking place over 11 days in downtown Hamilton. There is more than 40 companies offering musicals and more than 300 performances - it’s a big deal! This is Hamilton Fringe’s 14th year and no ticket is more than $10 making the festival reasonable and affordable.

McMaster has a few ties to Fringe shows this year. We interviewed 3 for MorningFile where we got the inside scoop on the plots, cast, festival involvement and writer/directors! All of these shows have really meaningful conversations attached with the content and we’re so proud to see them hitting the big stage here in Hamilton. To see the full Fringe schedule, click here.

First Class

Where: Mill’s Hardware


Fri July 21: 7:00pm

Sat July 22: 4:30pm

Sun July 23: 9:00pm

Tue July 25: 9:30pm

Fri July 28: 10:30pm

Sat July 29: 7:00pm

Sun July 30: 5:30pm

This Is Not A Musical, The Musical

Where: The Players Guild


Thu July 20: 7:30pm

Sat July 22: 4:00pm

Sun July 23: 9:30pm

Tue July 25: 9:00pm

Fri July 28: 11:00pm

Sat July 29: 7:30pm

Sun July 30: 6:00pm

We Are Not The Others

Where: Mill’s Hardware


Fri July 21: 8:30pm

Sun July 23: 3:00pm

Mon July 24: 6:00pm

Wed July 26: 8:00pm

Fri July 28: 6:00pm

Sat July 29: 8:30pm

Sun July 30: 3:30pm

With everything this big, there’s a few rules to live by. They aren’t too hard to follow, but they’re really important in ensuring everyone has a great time at the festival. One being that all shows run on time - you won’t be allowed in if you’re late and you won’t be refunded for your tickets either. You can always get tickets the day of the show at the door but all Fringe Patrons must have a Fringe Backer Button which is $5. These buttons are available at all Fringe venues. Online ticket sales shut off 3 hours before performance time, so please grab all your last minute tickets at the door of the show you attend.