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CJAM's Guide to Refining Tunes, Getting Played and Self Promotion

Blog/FavouritesJuly 6th 2017
Rachel Connell

Our friends at CJAM put together this awesome e-book filled with tips and tricks to help promote your music as an artist! They explain all the concepts behind getting on the radio, playing gigs and getting paid. Their e-book called Bringing The Noise, contains chapters on proven techniques in college radio and is available for free online HERE.

They help define some concepts and teach you everything you need to know about running a successful music campaign. Keep in mind, while CJAM and a few stations still accept physical submission packages, here at CFMU we are digital only. That means, we'd rather you send us your tunes in a stream and downloadable .zip folder of .mp3 files! To read up on our submissions guidelines, you can click here - remember that every station has it's own unique preferences.