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Creating Space and Celebrating Our Pride!

Blog/NewsJune 16th 2017
Rachel Connell

I’m proud to live in Hamilton. But not everyone feels like they have the space to be who they are 100% of the time. Pride week this year is more crucial than ever with a spotlight on the urgency for community support in helping lift our neighbours feel comfortable here. Hamilton is a city full of love and kindness, and the events this year are one more opportunity for us to gather in celebration of our neighbours for both our differences and similarities. The events have been ongoing for weeks now and there will be plenty to keep updated on throughout the month. Don’t miss out on the Pride Rally happening this Saturday, June 17th at Corktown Park for a bbq, activities, music and more! The Rally has been relocated from it’s original location of City Hall.

Pride is a driving force to create advocacy, awareness and change toward safe, accessible, collaborative and diverse spaces here in Hamilton. It’s an incredible time to connect with our LGBTQ+ communities no matter what you identify as with the common goal of celebrating all identities and people in a loving way. To come and join the movement as well as show your support, you can get all the details on Facebook. Listen to our full interview with Marlon below!