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Donut Monster's Making Hamilton a Whole Lot Sweeter

Blog/NewsJune 14th 2017
Rachel Connell

If you’ve spent any extended period of time in Hamilton, you’ve probably heard the name Donut Monster pop up somewhere. Whether it was strolling into your favourite independent coffee shop downtown and noticing the big blue donut sticker in the window, or maybe it was when you caught someone on campus with a donut so unique and fancy that it couldn’t possibly have been bought from Tim Horton’s (Although we do love our awesome Timmies staff here at McMaster). On MorningFile, we had the chance to chat with Donut Monster owner Reuben Vanderkwaak all about his delicious local treats. If that didn't get your mouth watering enough, you can revisit the chat in the link below.

Reuben has been changing the game in baked goods in Hamilton now for years now and has always loved experimenting with new flavours and techniques all while using locally sourced and responsible ingredients. You can grab one of these Instagram-worthy treats at the Union Market here on McMaster’s campus Thursdays and Fridays or across town in a variety of local shops and cafes Thursday through Saturday. These small batch, from scratch donuts absolutely can’t be missed! Be sure to follow along with what donuts will be offered where and when via Donut Monster's tasty Instagram account.