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Jillard Guitars Connecting a Community of Musicians

Blog/NewsJune 13th 2017
Rachel Connell

Jason Jillard is a multitalented guitar maker here in Hamilton who is creating inclusive space for musicians to share. Through live performance videos on YouTube, house shows and open mics, a contagious energy, and a passion for fostering community, Jay is doing so much more than making (beautiful) handcrafted guitars. On MorningFile, we had the chance to chat all about Hamilton’s open welcome for Jay when he moved here, as well as the incredibly projects he’s taken on since he arrived. Hamilton has a unique culture that allows musicians to lift each other up and support the sharing of resources, space and time. Jay is just one catalyst in providing the place for these ideas to foster.

Jillard guitars has experienced an increasing success since Jay first started making guitars in high school woodshop about 10 years ago. He has now made guitars for the likes of the Elwins, Said the Whale, the Fast Romantics and more! To get in touch, you can find more details on his website at jillardguitars.com or connect with Jay on social media via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.