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Connecting McMaster and Hamilton Over Impactful Ideas

Blog/NewsJune 8th 2017
Rachel Connell

On Monday June 12th, McMaster Students, Faculty and Hamilton Community Members will be joining forces to create a space where the sharing of ideas and development of action partnerships can occur. With a variety of workshops and performances, strategies hope to be developed to enhance life here in our community.

 We chatted with Christine and Dave from the Office of Community Engagement at McMaster and got a full summary of the event and workshops that you can expect to attend. Workshops start around 2:30pm with 2 of them occurring after the 5pm work day to make the event accessible for all. Access strategies for McMaster, the launching of the Hamilton Social Lab as well as United Way Halton & Hamilton focuses will be addressed. The Transforming Stories, Driving Change research project will present two short performances at the Community-Campus Idea Exchange, with the generous support of the Hambro Fund of the Hamilton Community Foundation: Research and Planning Council of Hamilton, and the Neighbourhood Initiatives program of the Hamilton Community Foundation. To RSVP and find further details, click attend on their Facebook event and follow them on Facebook or Twitter @McMasterCE. Our full interview is below.