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Last year's fundraiser ended abruptly - as did many things - in March. We cut our fundraiser short, cancelled our fundraising concert and began to broadcast on autopilot. A year later, we have found new ways to serve Hamilton and McMaster. We are still providing new programming, despite the challenges of the pandemic. 50% of our hosts now record at home, while a small handful are live in-studio (with proper protocols, of course). The rest of our programming is supplied by staff. CFMU has utilized cfmu.ca to provide relevant video and blog content. Here, we inform our community, provide a place for thoughtful commentary, and document this unprecedented time in our history. As always, we continue to highlight under-represented voices, intriguing ideas, new music and multi-cultural perspectives.

Downsizing in the media sector continues. As such, CFMU becomes increasingly important as a voice for our community. We strive to do more despite limited resources.

Our Raise Your Voice fundraiser has changed a little due to the situation. Here’s the facts!

  • Our on-air appeal runs March 6 – March 19, to give you extra time to consider a donation
  • For those who would prefer a small monthly donation, CFMU has set up a Patreon account. Patreon is a site that allows creators and not-for-profits to receive support that is billed monthly. Just click "Become a patron" at the top of this page!
  • While CFMU is always in need of fundraising, the well-being of many folks is at risk today. It is important that we give back. To that end, CFMU plans to donate a percentage of our fundraising total to five different food banks in Hamilton to help ease the hunger and suffering of Hamiltonians.

Please help us move forward into the future by continuing your support of CFMU.