On Air
March 28th 2018

Steministas with Fiona McNeill

According to Informed Opinions.Org, men’s voices in Canadian media still outnumber women 2 to 1. We do not hear from women researchers in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) as often as we do from men. In this interview series, Fiona McNeill, a Professor of Physics and Astronomy at McMaster, talks with McMaster women researchers in a variety of STEM fields, to hear about their amazing research and amplify their voices.

Dawn Bowdish

Dawn Bowdish is a Canada Research Chair in Aging and Immunity. In this conversation she talks about how immunity changes with age, how it may relate to heart disease and dementia through inflammation. She explains that biological age may relate to inflammation, and she discusses some of the things people can do to slow the aging of their immune system.

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Erica Dao

Erica Dao is a Ph.D. candidate in Medical Physics in the Radiation Sciences graduate program. In this conversation she talks about how she developed biomedical tools to track  iron overload disease for her M.Sc. and why she has changed research course in her Ph.D.. She talks about the major influence that women physics professors, ‘who rock’, have had on her career path and choices.

Erica dao