On Air

March 27th 2018

Featuring a guest mix from Zurkonic. Warmth and desolation in equal measure, mangled disco, batida and kuduro records played at the wrong speed, early Canadian house, quasi-classical, strange sounds from Bristol, tropical drums auf Deutschland, dubbed out passages, sehr ernst Computermusik, the sound of Britain in terminal shock. Featuring tracks from Airhead, Andres, Blunted Dummies, Bruce, Buttechno, Cabaret Voltaire, Cocktail Party Effect, Dave Foster, DJ Nigga Fox, DJ Slyngshot x Japan Blues, Giant Swan, Heap, K-Lone, M. Pittman, Mark E, Matmos, Mingmad Jimsu, Monolake, Newworldaquarium, Ninos Du Brasil x Patrick Russell, Nocow, Phon.o, Photonz, Pinch, Ploy x Peder Mannerfelt, and Vainqueur.

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