On Air
March 8th 2018

This week everyone at CFMU is going a little above and beyond to remind the Hamilton area, and the world, why campus-community radio matters. If you want to help: recommend a show; share a link to an episode or to any of CFMU's online-exclusive content; consider making a donation​; keep listening!

Our own contribution to fund drive week involves something a little out of the ordinary for us. We begin this week's show pretty much as usual, previewing area gigs and checking out some new heavy releases. This lasts for about the first hour and a quarter. Then we start talking about basketball.

When the metal ends, keep listening to hear about the new basketball documentary Hoops Africa: Ubuntu Matters by way of an interview with Producer/Co-Director Taylor Sharp.

Then, after the interview, we feature four tracks from the film's soundtrack. They're not metal, but they're cool, so give 'em a listen.

To learn more about Hoops Africa: Ubuntu Matters, visit: www.hoopsafricafilm.com.


  • Thu MAR 8: Throne To The Wolves w/ Death Note Silence, Diamond Weapon, How to Die in Oregon @ Hard Luck Bar, Toronto
  • Thu MAR 8: Septic Flesh, Dark Funeral, Thy Antichrist @ Mod Club Theatre, Toronto
  • Fri MAR 9: Morbid Saint / Blood Feast / Cellphone / Apokalyptik Warrior @ Coalition TO
  • Fri MAR 9: 8th annual GAIN Music & Arts Festival show - VIDA, Voltang, Frank Dux & romancer @ Van Gogh's Ear, Guelph
  • Sat MAR 10: 8th annual GAIN Music & Arts Festival show - Throne to the Wolves, Death Note Silence & Shall Not Fall! @ Jimmy Jazz

And though we didn't preview it, don't forget this one!

  • Fri MAR 9: CFMU Fundraising Show 2018 - Bad Dates, Pineapple Girls, Blunt Chucks, DJ Vickers @ This Ain't Hollywood


  • Nostalgia - Internal Moment of Fate
  • Ondt Blod - Natur
  • Throne to the Wolves - Tales from the Gallows
  • Vile Creature - Cast of Static and Smoke
  • Wacken Metal Battle Canada 2018 - Free Digital Sampler
  • Time
  • 5:05
    Cast of Static and Smoke
    Sky in Descending Pieces
  • 5:13
    Bad Sounds
    Super Awesome Laser Planet
  • 5:17
    Tales from the Gallows
    Dust in the Lungs
  • 5:20
    That's What She Told Me single
    That's What She Told Me
  • 5:29
    Where Shadows Reign Forever
    Where Shadows Reign Forever
  • 5:39
    Wacken Metal Battle Canada Compilation, Vol 5
    This Ain't No Romance Novel, It's Just a Sweet Potato
  • 5:45
    Chasing the Dream
    Shred's Not Dead
  • 5:54
    Internal Moment of Fate
    Clarity Through Chaos Past
  • 6:00
  • 6:06
    The Rising Tide
  • 6:16
    interview with Taylor Sharp, Producer/Co-Director
  • 6:44
    Zvichapera single (also featured on Hoops Africa: Ubuntu Matters soundtrack)
  • 6:48
    Nowhere Cool (also featured on Hoops Africa: Ubuntu Matters soundtrack)
  • 6:52
    Awake (also featured on Hoops Africa: Ubuntu Matters soundtrack)
  • 6:56
    Filling Up the City Skies (also featured on Hoops Africa: Ubuntu Matters soundtrack)
    My Other Love