On Air
March 1st 2023

This episode is the final theme month episode of February 2023. Our annual surf rock and instrumental episode features an exclusive interview with Chris Jack of Japan’s garage punk/surf band The Routes. We also features a selection of Routes instrumental track (including a new unreleased track), there is also music from Bloodshot Bill’s surf album, The Ichi-Bons, The Surf Hermits, Huevos Rancheros, Link Wray, Takeshi Terauchi, The Surfrajettes, The Mel-Tones and more!

  • Time
  • 5:04
    johnny shines
    blind pig 20th anniversary
    blues comes to texas
  • 5:07
    The Surf Hermits
    Jet City Rumble
  • 5:10
    Impala '59
    Oll'n Trekker
  • 5:12
    Jim and The Sea Dragons
    Murder Hornet Twist - Single
    Murder Hornet Twist
  • 5:18
    Huevos Rancheros
    Wild n' Wendy
  • 5:21
    The Forbidden Dimension
    Sin Gallery
  • 5:23
    Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet
    Dim the Lights, Chill the Ham
    Hunter S. Thompson's Younger Brother
  • 5:25
    Urban Surf Kings
    Penguin or Robot? - Single
    Penguin or Robot?
  • 5:32
    The Routes
    Get Past Go!
    Like a Knife
  • 5:35
    The Routes
    The Twang Machine
    The Robots
  • 5:48
    The Routes
    Shake Five
    Shake Five
  • 5:52
    The Routes
    Instrumentals II
    Snail Love Story
  • 6:07
    The Routes
    Yeti Spaghetti
  • 6:10
    The Routes
    Noise Annoys
  • 6:18
    Takeshi Terauchi & The Blue Jean
  • 6:24
    Link Wray
    Jack the Ripper
    Jack the Ripper
  • 6:27
    The Astronauts
    Hot Doggin' - Single
    Hot Doggin'
  • 6:29
    The Ventures
    Where the Action Is!
    Stop Action
  • 6:31
    The Mel-Tones
    Surf! Spy! Space!
    Sorrow Bay
  • 6:35
    The Surfrajettes
    Marshmallow March - Single
    Marshmallow March
  • 6:38
    Lulufin the Woo Hoo
    Jellyfish - Single
  • 6:41
    The Surfdusters
    Save the Waves
    Chill Out
  • 6:48
    The Ichi-Bons
    Ich-I-Bon #1 EP
  • 6:50
    The Ichi-Bons
    Ich-I-Bon #1 EP
    Ich-I-Bon #1
  • 6:52
    Bloodshot Bill
    Songs From the Sludge
    Out Cold
  • 6:55
    Bloodshot Bill
    Songs From the Sludge
    The Sludge