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January 29th 2023

Croatian band BRKOVI  was formed in 2004. Their music is a blend of punk rock and Balkan-style folk music. This is quite an unusual,  even controversial mix that is looked down upon by the cultural establishment, but also by the alternative cultural circles. Consequently, Brkovi have had very limited media exposure in their homeland. Despite that, they have become extremely successful. Without backing of a record label or PR team they have reached wide audiences  and regularly play biggest concert venues all over the former Yugoslavia and surrounding countries.

Brkovi have released seven full length albums and the eight one is on the way. They are no strangers to our radio show. I have interviewed Shemso, their singer and the main author, in November of 2018. At the end of that interview, he told me that he would like to see Brkovi coming to Canada for a live performance.

Four years later, that wishful thinking has become reality. Brkovi are coming to Toronto for a live performance at The Rockpile, this coming Saturday, February 4. The concert has been organized by Tall Boy Entertainment. Toronto based, ½ Yugo-diasporic Band THE BLUES EMERGENCY will be the opening act.

This was a perfect reason for a new conversation with Shemso. Tonight we will hear an interview Shemso and I recorded a few days ago,  as well as a load of awesome Balkan-style punk folk music.

MORE INOFRMTION ABOUT THEIR TORONTO CONCERT: https://www.tallboyentertainment.ca/

  • Time
  • 2:02
    Pizda materina
  • 2:06
    Pizda materina
    Balkan Star
  • 2:14
    Balkanski Esperanto
    Vrati se vrati
  • 2:25
    Društvo brkatih mladića
  • 2:36
    Torzo Dade Topića
  • 2:41
    Brkovi su da se vole
    Hoću da mi dijete sluša narodnjake
  • 2:46
    Pizda materina
    Pizda materina
  • 2:52
    The Machine
    Head On
  • 2:57
    Društvo brkatih mladića
    Nisam ja za tebe