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July 7th 2021


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On today's Lou's Control - "The year is 1980. WAKE UP!" What goes around, comes around.

We go back to 1980 and revisit a full episode of Gary Topp's "EDGE OF MORNING" radio show which aired on Q107. Recently, Mr Topp went into his treasure chest, found these taped episodes and digitized them. Gary was kind enough to share this with me. Today, we experience this trip together. You will also hear my chat with the Renaissance man himself, as he explains the origins of the show & much more.

For many of us, it will be a recoil to cool rock radio from our younger impressionable years.

Rob Sweeney's MP3 Of The Week returns on July 21st.

Don't forget! The 2nd installment of Rachel Jones' "Jones Garage airs next Wednesday July 14th

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