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June 30th 2021


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On today's Lou's Control...

There's lots of music to share with you!

Get ready to hear some music from Audience. I always enjoy playing their tunes on the show. Such a savvy band that had the perfect recipe when it came to adding Art & Prog rock together in a mixing bowl. BTW..Hello Trevor Williams!! Sending this out to Greg Prevost, CFMU's Lino D'Intino (host of The Waiting Room Fridays 10am - 12pm) and Gary Topp.

You will also hear a set of early 70's Canadian Rock N Roll. One band in the set happens to be the first live band I ever saw @ the age of 10! (Sending this out to UIC's Robinson, Murray Dave, Dave Andy, also to their buddies who rocked FM Hill and Bob McKnight).

Andy Scott from Sweet celebrates his 72nd birthday today. Get set for couple of Sweet rockers. McKeever these are for YOU!

Don't you love those moments when you hear 5 seconds of a song that you have not heard in a long time? All of a sudden it brings back so many memories? I just had that experience while listening to Paris couple of weeks ago. You'll enjoy these numbers! (for Mark Tharme). Thank you Rob Sweeney!

I will also surprise you with some music from 4 albums that came out in June 1981. You' will have a hard time believing that these releases are 40 years old!

You will also hear new music from Australia's Scientists! @Kim Salmon and the crew have a new album out called "Negativity" These numbers go out Kerry Doole, Jonathan J Sequeira Alley Brereton Natalie Renton, Natalie Schmitt & CJ Altmann.

We will also revisit some early music of Todd Rundgren (for @David David Premi Doug Malcolm & Grant Ranalli)

Rob Sweeney gives us the MP3 Of The Week. This is a sizzler from Nigeria...( for Enzo Petrungaro)

Finally, we pay our respects to Doug Inglis who recently passed away; (for Lisa Millar).

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