On Air
April 7th 2021

On today's Lou's Control Rock N Roll Radio Program -

You will hear new music from Art Bergmann's soon to be released album "Late Stage Empire Dementia" (thank youPhil Klygo)  Plus you will also hear couple of tracks from Art's most recent releases too. (For Kerry Doole of FYI Music News & yesterday's birthday boy Martin Verrall).

Tim Gibbons has been making new music. I am going to be playing his newest release along with a few other tracks including his band The Swampbusters.

For me personally, its been gratifying keeping in touch with Chris Houston during this pandemic and chatting about fun Rock N Roll stuff. So... no time like the present to spin some of Chris' music, right? (forGraham Rockingham)

You will also hear a set of tunes from Blodwyn Pig, Humble Pie, Free & early Gary Wright. Why? Tune in and find out. (Sending this set out to Joszef Hanson AndyRichardson Didymus Henley Jeff Richardson).

We remember Lee Brilleaux who passed away on this day back in 1994. So get ready for some Dr Feelgood on today's show (This set goes out to my long time Star Club Oshawa pals Alex Sharpe Sue Weigand Rob Sweeney Christopher Lane Nick Pavlakovic Ai FranSue McCallum Kenny Prescott McKeever Steve Kane & Steven Frank)

Speaking of Rob Sweeneytoday's MP3 Of The Week is a mind-bending garage rock tune from Long Island circa the late 60's. Stones fans, tune in!

You will also hear new music from Frank Randazzo (paying tribute to Mick Ronson), new music from Hamilton's Monte Carlo (thanks Ben Clement) Jeff Beck, Phil Manzanera​ and more! Whew!!

Lou's Control - Broadcasting from McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario, Wednesdays from 3pm to 5pm only on 93.3 CFMU FM. Tune in locally via your radio, or hear us online @ cfmu.ca

Check out next week's show where I will be playing music from Rusty's "Dogs Of Canada" album, as well as music from The Electric Ants, Blue Peter, Dictators, Del-Lords and more.

  • Time
  • 7:00
    Descenending - Know Itself Remix
  • 7:01
    Jeff Beck
  • 7:05
    Frank Randazzo
    Golden Boy
    Golden Boy
  • 7:09
    Phil Manzanera
    Diamond Head
    Diamond Head
  • 7:16
    Tim Gibbons
    Hot Money
  • 7:20
    Tim Gibbons
    Back From The Dead
  • 7:25
    Tim Gibbons
    I Came To Get Down
  • 7:28
    Tim Gibbons
    Bone Of Contention
  • 7:32
    Chris Houston
    Full Moon
  • 7:36
    Chris Houston
    Rapid Detox
  • 7:41
    Chris Houston with Gord Lewis
    The Right Stuff
  • 7:46
    Chris Houston
    Negative Groove
  • 7:50
    Art Bergmann
    Late Stage Empire Dementia
  • 7:54
    Art Bergmann
    Late Stage Empire Dementia
    Christo Fascists
  • 7:57
    Art Bergmann
    Live It Up
  • 8:00
    Art Bergmann
    Songs For The Underclass
    The Ballad Of The Crooked Man
  • 8:07
    Rob Sweeney
    Radio Show Theme Song 2
    Lou's Control Rock N Roll Radio Them Song 2
  • 8:08
    Bohemian Vendetta
    (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
  • 8:12
    Blodwyn Pig
    Ahead Rings Out
    Up and Coming
  • 8:18
    Humble Pie
    As Safe As Yesterday Is
  • 8:24
    Humble Pie
    Town and Country
    Down Home Again
  • 8:28
    Gary Wright
    Too Late To Cry
  • 8:33
    The Stealer
  • 8:38
    Dr. Feelgood
    Be Seeing You
    My Buddy Buddy Friends
  • 8:43
    Dr. Feelgood
    A Case Of The Shakes
    Drives Me Wild
  • 8:47
    Dr. Feel Good
    Mad Man Blues
    Dust My Broom
  • 8:51
    Dr. Feelgood
    Private Practice
    Down At The Doctors
  • 8:55
    Monte Carle
    So They Say