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March 9th 2020

originally aired 09 Mar 2020

20200309 080806

(See what I did there in the title? :p)

Here we go - kicking off the second week of March with more great music of old and new, as well as a feature of all things Dani Kristina, a songwriter-singer and a good hometown friend of mine.  Don't forget to spring forward if you haven't already - but don't get too far ahead of yourself (unlike the music and me that did at times today)!

As per today's episode, here are some items you should check out:

Dani Kristina's music video for "Burning Parachute" - check it out!

YWCA Hamilton Women of Distinction Awards 2020

Congrats to all of the nominees in this year's Awards! As per the YWCA event (which indeed took place on International Women's Day, March 8, 2020), here are the category winners: