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February 5th 2020

Catching up on the Taylor Report:

Black athletes and conquering racism

Patrick Mahomes is as good a quarterback as any who played in the NFL, and so is Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens. But due to racism/segregation of modern American history they do not have enough years in the game to be included in the official list of Ten Greatest NFL Quarterbacks, all of whom are white.

Sports fans have for years been robbed of the "best," and black athletes have been denied. A study of this phenomenon will tell much of what needs to be known about Black history---and the need for Black History Month.

The Media War Against Cuba

When it comes to socialist Cuba, our "liberal" media discards all pretence to fair and balanced reporting. Keith Bolender, who worked as a reporter and taught journalism, explains that the mainstream media is owned by a handful of monopolies with close links to our ruling political parties.

Keith details the half-truths and outright lies that so-called "reputable" media have used to demonize Cuba, a country that had the temerity to overthrow an American puppet and to become a sovereign socialist country admired around the world.

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