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January 29th 2020

David 'Turk' Yilmaz is 5th year Materials Science Engineering student at McMaster University. He was born and raised in Turkey, and came to Canada in 2014 to pursue his undergraduate studies. He's completed multiple internships in Turkey (Microsoft) and Dublin while going through one of the most challenging phases of his life. Over time, he has come to understand the support he has had around him along the way and is beyond grateful to the people who've supported him through thick and thin.

Hisham 'Shami' Mohammad is in his 5th year of Electrical and Biomedical Engineering at McMaster Univiersity. An avid athlete, Hisham has represented the U23 Canadian Men's National team in wheelchair basketball, and the provincial teams for wheelchair racing and sledge hockey. Musically, Hisham was involved in McMaster's Acapella program and plays the alto sax for the McMaster Jazz band. After undergrad, he hopes to pursue further studies in graduate school and design innovative adaptive technology to allow individuals with disabilities reach their full potential and lead an active lifestyle.

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