On Air
January 9th 2020

Music from Blackie and the Rodeo Kings, Del Barber, Matty Simpson, Jared Both, Martin Verrall, The Free Spirits, Clara Engel, Holy Fuck, Sarah Good and the Bads plus more !

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  • Time
  • 11:07
    Blackie and the Rodeo Kings
    I'm Still Loving You
  • 11:10
    Easy Keeper
    Lucky Prairie Stars
  • 11:13
    Strange Weather
    Strange Weather (Stormy Thursday)
  • 11:23
    Jared Both and the Secret Hymns
    Up and Down
  • 11:26
    Yesterday's Tomorrow
    Lay Low
  • 11:32
  • 11:35
    Other Side of the Story
    Easy Prey
  • 11:38
    Holy Fuck
    LP (digital)
    Lovely Alien
  • 11:49
    The Fuzz
    What a Mess!
  • 11:54
    Thom Yorke
    Not The News
  • 11:57
    Where A City Once Drowned
    Open A Door
  • 12:02
    Blessing In Disguise
  • 12:10
    Matt Berry
    Music For Insomniacs
    Part 2
  • 12:35
    Original London Cast
    Girl From The North Country
    Slow Train Coming/License To Kill
  • 12:39
    Robbie Robertson
    Let Love Reign
  • 12:44
    Guess Who
    So Long, Bannatyne
    Goin' A Little Crazy
  • 12:51
    The Glorious, Disgorged
    Cut a Bot
  • 12:57
    Raymond Scott
    The Secret 7
    Waltz of the Diddles

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