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October 29th 2019

Episode# 126: In celebration of Hamilton Film Festival kicking off Nov 2, today's show features 3 episodes from the Hamilton Film podcast.  Nathan Fleet gives an overview of this year's festival; Editor Jeffery Scott Fowler & I talk about his work on the reality TV show Masters of Flip, directing vs editing, the evolution of editing technology, the effect of cutting to close up or wide shots, temping music into scenes, film budgets, MTV Canada, and who’s making great film & TV today.  Then Director Terrance Odette chats about the role of festivals for film makers, the art of curating films; making great cinema in spite of budget constraints, and his newest project, a documentary on country legend Conway Twitty.  

Hamilton Film Podcast

DJ Aerlie Wild Gigs:
Oct 31 @ This Ain't Hollywood: Will Gillespie Halloween Show
Nov 2 & 3 @ Bump Baby Toddler Expo
Nov 9 @ Craftadian Market Port Credit
Nov 23 @ The Capitol Bar
Dec 7 @ Craftadian Christmas Market​​

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