On Air
October 8th 2019

In this episode of Continuing the Media Assault, local apiarist and friend of the show "Luc" (an obviously false name adopted for the purposes of broadcasting) drops by to lay down the straight dope about bees, bee culture, and beekeeping to Steamy and Smokey. A surprisingly illuminating interview follows. Tunes by Hüsker Dü, Randy Barracuda, Danny Brown, The Honeydrippers, and Brittany Howard.

Special radio features: Source Material (front end: Ars Nova - "Please Don't Go Now', back end: Our Samplus - 'Deep Inside')

  • Time
  • 12:32
    Husker Du
    Zen Arcade
    Pink Turns Into Blue
  • 12:35
    Randy Barracuda
    International Skw***
    Shock the Plankton
  • 12:38
    Danny Brown
    Savage Nomad
  • 12:43
    Noah 23
    Zenith Dub
  • 12:47
    John Carpenter
    Anthology: Movie Themes 1974-1998
  • 12:50
    Lil Wayne
    No Ceilings
    Throw It in the Bag
  • 12:52
    The Honeydrippers
    Impeach the President single
    Impeach the President
  • 1:11
    Ars Nova
    Sunshine Shadows
    Please Don`t Go Now
  • 1:17
    Our Samplus
    Internet release
    Deep Inside
  • 1:25
    Brittany Howard
    Stay High
  • 1:26
    Erykah Badu
    Internet release
    Jump Up in the Air and Stay There ft Lil Wayne B
  • 1:27
    Missy Elliott
    Why I Still Love You