On Air
September 13th 2019

On 93.3 CFMU FM radio today from 5 to 8pm hopefully with stuff to help plan your weekend. Interviews and music from Cadillac Bill and his Downton Alley (A Rat Tale of Hamilton) BOOK ReleaseNick Zyla talks some of the music and menu he helped culture at Zyla's Music and Menu as it closes after Supercrawl Chelsea McWilliams talks The Redhill Valleys Supercrawl 2019 • Day One, Mitch Bowden talks Don Vail Supercrawl 2019 • Day Twoand Stevland McKaysville talks Twin Within + HPO at Supercrawl for Supercrawl 2019 • Day Three... and more? LIsten anyhow, anywhere, anyway at cfmu.ca

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