On Air
September 11th 2019

The first in a very exciting special series of interviews with the student leaders of the different faculty societies on campus! I'll be referring to this as the Student Faculty Series (SFS), hence the tagline SFS #1. This one was with the McMaster Social Sciences Society (MSSS, or as I am informed, "M-triple-S").

I spoke with Madeleine (President), Lauren (VP Administration) and Melissa (VP Programming) about: their past experiences with the MSSS; the importance of good teamwork, trust, and respect to their team; and their plans to involve student groups such as international students and younger students more in the MSSS.

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Thank you to these three for sharing their ideas with me on MorningFile! I was really impressed with the emphasis on teamwork, communication, and respect this team has; the feeling was palpable in the on-air booth. I have no doubt that the students of the MSSS have a wonderful year ahead of them.