On Air
September 9th 2019

We are back! 

The RoboDJ 6000 was dusted off and plugged back in for more non-algorithmically sorted musical entertainment. It took a bit to fix it too, we had to manually program the RoboDJ 6000 as these selections are so advanced that even the best machine learning can't keep up.

To roughly paraphrase the great Douglas Adams - When you're cruising down the road in the fast lane and you lazily sail past a few hard-driving cars and are feeling pretty pleased with yourself and then accidentally change from fourth to first instead of third thus making your engine leap out of your hood in a rather ugly mess, it tends to throw you off your stride in much the same way that this episode's change from Side A to Side B will do to you.

Screen shot 2019 09 09 at 9.48.06 pm

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