On Air
August 25th 2019

‘Bella Technika’ is a band from Belgrade, Serbia. It was formed in 2016 by Bojan Drobac – Bambi and Milorad Ristić – Miki, on the ashes of ‘Darkwood Dub’, one of the most respected and influential bands of the Serbian independent scene.  The third member of the band is Katarina Jovanović, a prominent opera singer. ‘Bella Technika’  has released their first album ‘Section’ in the spring of 2019. The album was mixed and co-produced by Seth Manchester (The Body, Daughters, Javelin) and Emery Dobyns (Suzanne Vega, Patti Smith, Antony & The Johnsons, Battles, Travis). Mastering was done by Jon Lemon while Dave Konopka, the former bassist and guitarist in Battles designed the album’s visuals. 
I met Bojan Drobac – Bambi during my visit to Belgrade, earlier this Summer. We sat down in the beautiful garden of the Epigenia restaurant and recorded the interview you are going to hear tonight.