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August 23rd 2019

On 93.3 CFMU 5-8pm today with in depth interviews and music with George Pettit of @zDEADTIREDz Alexisonfire about THIS AIN'T HOLLYWOOD - A PROUD NORTH END ROCK N ROLL BARMatthew Woodcroft on Wooly Mantis “The Cosmic Venture” EP release at Mills HardwareSabrina Johnsonon the Fundraiser for Native Women’s centre The CasbahJon Howard talksThreat Signal Absinthe HamiltonKecky Batz talks Strange Day at the Bay 2019 and @RicardoTemporao (won't let me tag him and we discuss his peculiar promotional perspective as well as) about Brutus Begins playing Mills Hardware... Listen on the radio or your smart device at cfmu.ca THIS is#HamOnt

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