On Air
July 31st 2019

Approaching the end of World War II, Blues, Jazz and R&B music began to get popularized in Jamaica through the introduction of radios. Combining this music, originating from New Orleans and Miami, with traditional Jamaican music, led to the creation of a new genre: Ska.

This episode will be exploring Ska music across the many generations and waves of it's lifetime. Beginning with First Wave of Ska, originating in Jamaica. Then moving on to 2 Tone, or Second Wave of Ska, which was Britain's own take on Jamaican Ska. And ending with Third Wave of Ska, where the genre blended with the punk scene in the USA.

So get your skanking shoes on get ready for some upbeat tunes.

  • Time
  • 3:00
    The Skatalites
    Ska Kings of the First Wave
    Funkey Funkey Reggay
  • 3:03
    The Skatalites with Don Drummond, Tommy McCook
    The Best of the Skatalites
    (Music Is) My Occupation
  • 3:08
    Desmond Dekker
    007 Shanty Town
    007 (Shanty Town)
  • 3:11
    Desmond Dekker
    (Poor Mi) Israelites
  • 3:16
    Baggy Trousers
  • 3:19
    The Villains
    Life of Crime
    Urban Skins
  • 3:22
    The Villains
    Life of Crime
    Ska Music
  • 3:27
    The Villains
    Life of Crime
    Wolly Bully
  • 3:31
    The Specials
    Stereo-Typical: A's, B's Rarities
    Racist Friend
  • 3:36
    The Specials
    The Specials
    A Message to You Rudy
  • 3:40
    The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
    Let's Face It
    The Rascal King
  • 3:42
    No Doubt
    Tragic Kingdom
    Sunday Morning
  • 3:47
    Wrong Way
  • 3:49
    Reel Big Fish
    Turn The Radio Off
    Sell Out
  • 3:54
    Operation Ivy
    Operation Ivy
  • 3:57