On Air
July 2nd 2019
  • Time
  • 2:02
    forest sykes
    chess story
    tonky boogie
  • 2:04
    five blazes
    chess story
    chicago boogie
  • 2:10
    john godfrey trio
    chess story
    hey little girl
  • 2:13
    danny overbea
    chess story
    forty cups of coffee
  • 2:19
    henry thomas "ragtime texas"
    ragtime texas: complete recorded works
    fox and the hounds
  • 2:22
    jim jackson
    american epic.
    old dog blue
  • 2:28
    julius daniels
    american epic.
    ninety-nine year blues
  • 2:31
    kansas joe memphis minnie
    24 classic blues, vol. 15
    frisco town
  • 2:39
    blind lemon jefferson
    rise and fall of paramount, vol. 1
    got the blues
  • 2:42
    blind blake
    24 classic blues, vol. 16
    too tight no. 2
  • 2:50
    jimmie rodgers
    american epic
    waitin' on a train
  • 2:51
    walker's corbin ramblers
    classic old time music from vocalion
    my baby keeps on stealin' on me
  • 2:56
    monarch jazz quartet
    virginia roots: the 1929 richmond sessions
    pleading blues
  • 2:59
    mississippi mud mashers
    black secular vocal music, vol. 2
    bring it on home to grandma
  • 3:08
    mahalia jackson
    gospel according to malaco
    the upper room
  • 3:13
    davis sisters
    gospel according to malaco
    twelve gates to the city
  • 3:18
    blind boys of alabama
    gospel according to malaco
    sit down and rest awhile
  • 3:21
    bill moss the celestials
    gospel according to malaco
    jesus said hold on i'm coming
  • 3:30
    albertina walker
    gospel according to malaco
    i can go to god in prayer
  • 3:38
    mississippi mass choir feat. rev. milton biggham
    gospel according to malaco
    call him, parts 1 and 2
  • 3:44
    maxine brown
    the ep collection
    you upset my soul
  • 3:47
    dee and don
    heart of southern soul, vol. 2
    i can't stand it
  • 3:55
    morgan davis
    i got my own
    drive my blues away
  • 3:57
    t.j. fowler
    midnight clipper, part 1