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April 8th 2019

Sophie Okolo is a public health researcher and science writer. She writes about the latest health tech, dementia, ageism. She helps run The STEM Squad, an inclusive online community for women and non-binary folks in STEM. 

In this episode, we give you a detailed guide on how to start your gig as a science writer! If you're even a little bit interested in science writing, this is the episode for you. 

1. Find a niche.
2. Write, write, write!
3. Find a mentor.

Resources for new science writers:
• Science Twitter!
• Check out Bossed Up! Some articles include what to look for in a mentor and how to find one!
• Pitch to Lady Science, Sister, Lateral Magazine, and Got Science Magazine.
• Join the Massive Science Consortium
The Open Notebook offers a pitch database and tons of guides for beginner science writers.
• Episode 6 of the pod, where I talked to science journalist Bianca Nogrady

Where you can find Sophie!

Join The STEM Squad:
Facebook Group

Incredible scientists I mentioned:
Christine Liu (and Two Photon Art!)
Michelle Barboza-Ramirez
Raquel Nuno
Melissa Cristina Márquez

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