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February 13th 2019

Recent Developments in JNF Campaign

At the 5:30 mark, Brendan interviews Rabbi David Mivasair about recent developments in the campaign by Independent Jewish Voices and other concerned parties to end the tax exempt status for the "Jewish National Fund."

The JNF is an Israeli tool for the dispossession of Palestinians. It has been used to erase Palestinian settlements, in one case replacing villages with "Canada Park." Use of occupied land for one ethnicity only contravenes international law, and Canadian domestic law.

The JNF has also been implicated in funding Israeli armed forces projects, something which a Canadian charity cannot do.


Also in today's program

The very latest on Venezuela: the Taylor Report has been following the Canadian authors and journalists who have been reporting critically on what is happening in Venezuela.

Canada Has Been Against Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela From the Beginning

Yves Engler discusses Canada's role in the attempted coup in Venezuela - it goes way back. The recent coup was planned a few years ago, but Canada has plotted against Venezuela since 2002.

Canadian resource giants in the oil and mining sectors have all taken exception to Venezuela's use of its resources for its own purposes. Our politicians act on this sentiment, and are boastful of Canada's role in subversion and threats of force. Even "humanitarian aid" is used as a weapon to create divisions within Venezuela.

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