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Music from the movies...and beyond.

Join us weekly as we feature a wide variety of new soundtrack releases, European film scores, electronic mixes, and playlists pulled from 60s and 70s Italian movies+ interviews and information on the local indie film scene.

Soundtrack-22-11-17-from 10:00-12:00 EST on www.cfmu.ca
This show will feature music from: embers by Kim Henninger & Shawn Parke + an interview with the films director Claire Carré recorded at the Fantasia International Film Festival. Also we will have tracks from Ulrich SchnaussThe Fearless Vampire Killers by Krystof Komeda, some Crime Themes from Maestro Ennio Morricone and our vinyl feature will be Morricone Youth's LP Mad Max...  

Host: Stephen Hayes
Guest Host:Robyn Edgar

Stephen Hayes studied at The University of Waterloo, and graduated with a BFA in Film Studies (89). He made his directorial debut with the Neo-Noir feature-Lucky 7(10). As well, Stephen also hosts the radio programme Soundtrack as well as the film blog CineRadioWaves ,in addition to his Jury duties at Hamilton Film Festival.


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