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What better way to keep your morning going than to tune in to the MNT hour? Featuring all-new-all-the-time releases, the Pun Emporium--your weekly dose of random nonsense--and whatever the day throws at us, these 60 minutes aren't just gonna slide away. Now also featuring the occasional interview here and there.

Join me (Jomar) on the Morning New-tine hour Tuesdays from 7-8am, only on 93.3 CFMU!

A little info about me: I'm a second-year McMaster student who simply loves music. My favourite genres are big band jazz (and jazz in general), soul, funk, disco, and punk rock, to name a few. (I'd say that my favourite music is mostly anything from the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and 00s, or anything with a horn section, or anything with an awesome bassline, or anything with a great background sound in general!)

Instrument-wise, I play trombone and trumpet. I also play guitar, piano and drums in rotation (usually just for jamming out and having a good time)!

I'm also planning to get my YouTube channel back up and running, which, at times, could coincide with episode content for the MNT! You can check out this, and all my other content here.

The current, totally professional, show promo:


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