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Blog/PromotionDecember 17th 2018
Brian Zheng

Florescent lights. Junk food. Coffee stains. Late nights. It’s that time again.

And let's be real, you're spending a lot more time lip synching Post Malone or watching re-runs of The Office than actually studying.

Well CFMU has the podcasts, that are very "scientifically" proven, to keep you reciting functional groups instead of "rockstar".

Soundtracks from video games are designed to keep you focused on the task at hand.

Video game soundtracks compliment an environment, but don't distract you from the task at hand. Host Hayley Mullens curates 2 hours of dedicated tracks to keep you focused. She also offers tips and motivational advice to get you through this cold exam season.

Listen to Study Jams here.

Ambient music is created to enhance a mood/environment, but doesn't distract you.

Ambient music “must be as ignorable as it is interesting” – Brian Eno

Wallpaper Music is a show all about ambient music.

Ambient music is a gentle, typically electronic, instrumental music with no overpowering beat, used to specifically enhance a mood or atmosphere. Ambient music is a perfect way to keep your study sesh focused. 

Host and McMaster student Shanna Ingram has a few deticated study podcasts created just for you.

Listen to Wallpaper Music.

Cannabis on campus? Sustainability? All the serious McMaster topics, with none of the seriousness. Pair your study session with some spicy campus news.

Matt and Giancarlo, two fourth-year science students with a passion for good music and the McMaster community, bring their humor, perspective, and banter to make your Friday morning a little bit easier to wake up to, with updates on campus going-ons, fresh tunes, and conversations about student life in general.

Listen to Good Morning McMaster.

Classical music has been shown to be a non-threatening stimulus during lecture hours.

Listening to music while you study can often split your attention between both your studies and your work at hand (don’t pretend Netflix is any better). 

Yes. We sourced a peer-reviewed article. No, it's not a review article.

Classical Today was started in 2007 by Richard Kohar to highlight classical music. It seemed at the time that classical music was disappearing from the airwaves, and what was left at that time were Pop Classics. The show was started to highlight new works and upcoming musicians and composers---especially those in the Hamilton area.

Listen to Classical Today.

Sick of studying? Need some career advice in case you fail? Maybe these grad school dropouts can offer you some questionable career advice.

Questionable career advice in case you fail your exams.

Work It is a sketch comedy show about jobs and working. Two grad school dropouts, Janet Mowat and Samuel Allemang, here to dole out both questionable and unquestionable career advice.

Listen to Work It.

WATCH: Post Malone gives some advice to McMaster Students.