On Air

We need your help like never before.

That sounds like the usual over-the-top fundraising pitch, doesn't it? Not this time. This time it's true.

Last month the Ontario government announced they were changing the way student fees were collected. This means a major portion of CFMU's funding will disappear. 5%? 50%? We don't know yet, but we're preparing for the worst.

Luckily, CFMU supporters and listeners can help. We know you're out there - in fact, we've seen that our listener numbers have increased by 33% in only one year!  

93.3 CFMU FM is listener-supported, campus-based community radio. While we broadcast to the greater Hamilton area, this website takes our programming around the world.  Our programs are produced and hosted by volunteers from the community - by people like yourself.  We address local issues, promote local and under-represented music, and feature unique voices.  We give voice to those who need it.

Our website, cfmu.ca, is more than community radio. It's a community information hub, providing an outlet for new music, new voices, and new ideas, expressed through audio, the written word, and video. 

Please consider pledging to this year's drive and supporting our campaign. Click on the "Donate" button below to pay by PayPal, or email me - Jamie Tennant, Program Director, at jtennant@msu.mcmaster.ca. 

- Jamie Tennant, Program Director