On Air
July 11th 2018

July 11, 2018 Show features a profile of Juno Reactor which started at the top of the hour. The show starts with great Canadian electronic music starting with Toronto's Bulk Head (Aft Pressure from Aft Pressure), Niagara Falls's Rezz (Premonition from Mass Manipulation), Dundas' Dapni (Vulture from Joli Mai), and Golden Grey (Pinkish Purple from Colours). 

The Juno Reactor profile starts with Dakota, a track from the latest release Mutant Theatre. This was followed by Jardin de Cecile release in 1998 on Bible of Dreams. Next featured was Pistolero from the Pistolero EP, Exterminating the Angel (actually a Creatures track), Picture of Man again from the PIstolero EP, Mona Lisa Overdrive and Navras from a remix album called Inside the Reactor. The show ends with Our World from the most current release. 

Who is Juno Reactor? The official website states: 


Juno Reactor ranks among the all-time greats of electronic music as essential innovators. From their eight studio albums, “Transmissions” being the first Trance album, Scoring many films to performing their stunning live shows around the world at major music festivals, Glastonbury, Roskilde, Fuji Rock, The Glade, Boom, Ozora, and many more.

Juno Reactor are known for their cinematic  fusion of electronic, global  influences, and a dynamic orchestral approach, working with composer Don Davis for the score of The Matrix Trilogy. Central to the project is Ben Watkins and his collaborations with a constantly changing ensemble of musicians from across the world.

If your are traveling around the world, here are the festivals Juno Reactor will be performing:

  • Jul20 Jul23Putlitz, GermanyVooV Festival
  • Jul27AgassizElectric Love Music Festival
  • Aug06Siofok, Zoldmezo, Hungary.Samsara Festival
  • Aug11Las VegasDefcon, Ceasar’s Palace
  • Aug18Sao Paulo, BrazilMoonworld
  • Nov17Porto Alegre, BrazilOrion Festival
  • Nov24Melbourne, Australia Earthcore Festival

  • Time
  • 11:32
    Tobias Mong
    Futur Sonic Vol 1
  • 11:36
    Aft Pressure
    Aft Pressure
  • 11:43
    Mass Manipulation
  • 11:48
    Joli Mai
  • 11:52
    Pinkish Purple
  • 12:09
    Juno Reactor
    Mutant Theatre
  • 12:13
    Juno Reactor
    Blue Room presents Trip through sound 2
    Jardin de cecile
  • 12:20
    Juno Reactor
    Pistolero EP
    Pistolero Juno Reactor Mix
  • 12:26
    Anima Animus
    Exterminating Angel
  • 12:32
    Juno Reactor
    Pistolero EP
    Picture of Man
  • 12:39
    Juno Reactor
    Inside the Reactor
    Mona Lisa Overdrive
  • 12:45
    Juno Reactor
    Inside the Reactor
    Navras (Jayant Remix)
  • 12:55
    Juno Reactor
    Mutant Theatre
    Our World

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