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July 4th 2018

1. Part Two Report - Freedom Flotilla Rendezvous for Gaza

The Freedom Flotilla has traveled European Ports and into the Mediterranean, gathering support for the campaign to end Israel's illegal blockade of Gaza. This year's effort has become more urgent as the people of Gaza organized the non-violent Great March of Return which drew worldwide sympathy for the cause. Many prominent individuals and organizations are now backing the message of the Freedom Flotilla.

2. Canada Day in Toronto, Moving Day in Montreal, 1867 and All That

In 1867, British North America was reconfigured as a Confederation, being rather independent yet with loyalties to the Empire. The old issue of French Canada (Quebec) remained unresolved.

The Globe and Mail lately argued that final, true, independence came with the repatriation of the Constitution to Canada from the UK in 1982. Perhaps, though, it served only to exacerbate problems.

Repatriation requires Quebec's assent. And no political party in Quebec has agreed to do so. Until that happens, Canada Day will always require an asterisk.

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