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June 27th 2018

1. NDP can help Palestine Solidarity

Is the NDP beginning to grow eyes and ears in recognizing its inaction on Palestine? There is an internal struggle in the party over its approach. Yves Engler describes a petition by Canadian luminaries calling for the NDP to break certain ties with the apartheid state.

First, we have to get rid of our prejudices. Most Palestinian organisations are banned from polite Canadian discourse, yet politicians can cavort with racist Israel settler organisations without censure.

2. Sanctions Against Syria Are Illegal and Destructive War by Other Means

Sanctions are not very visible or alarming when viewed from abroad, but their effects are equivalent to military intervention. Stephen Gowans discusses how the sanctions on Syria are illegal and incredibly harmful, despite the pretexts employed by the Anglo-American coalition. The U.S. has subverted rules regarding sanctions, and hardly anyone is brave enough to publicly stand up to them.

Gowans ties the sanctions regime to Washington's long war on Syria, partly motivated by Syria's socialist policies. Syria has the right under the United Nations to pursue its own form of development. Meanwhile, countries who are allied to Saudi Arabia have the temerity to sit in judgement and call Syria a regime. The overall Western intervention contributes to the refugee crisis.

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    Silina Musango
    Ngwino Rukundo

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