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June 13th 2018

Thanks to Daniela - our first ever guest on Broad Convos and a rad community organizer - for joining us to talk resistance in the Ford era. Thank you Daniela!!

She shared this list on the show...

10 Things to Do Under the New Government

Shake off the Shock. 
This is super happening. 

If you work in VAW or any other provincially funded sector. Or if you were waiting for drugs or policies to help plan you future, this is hard and scary. 

Take a Position. 
I will in all likelihood survive this government. But there are people who won't. Let that sink in and fight it. 
Sex-Ed Curriculum and Supervised injection sites will not be in the plans going forward. Shelters and Affordable housing will not see new investment. Get. On. Side. 

Take Care of Yourself. 
This is heckin' hard. 

Take Care of Your Community. 
Find a community. Join one full of people who care about what you care about and care about it together. 

Find your Fight. 
Please, please, please care about things that don't and won't affect you. 

Don't you dare lower your standards under this government. 
We are 15 or 20 seats away from Affordable housing and universal childcare, pharmacare and dental care. 
We are six months from a minimum wage increase. Come to the rally for decent work. 
We will not lose one inch of ground to cuts. 

Find ways to be heard and to amplify others voices. 
Write, Lobby, Protest, Work to Rule. Found a news source. Write OpEds. Donate. 

Celebrate Wins. 
50% of the opposition seats are occupied by women and many by racialized people. This is a step in the right direction. 

Don't Forget:
The leader of the opposition is a singe mum, daughter of a janitor and a steel worker. A former community organizer who led 100,000 people through the streets of #HamOnt protesting Mike Harris cuts in 1996(I was 8) as part of the days of action
​Bring it back. Heed the call. Don't lose your love, hope and optimism. Harness your anger and fear. We need to be here for one another. Take breaks, drink water. 

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