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June 6th 2018

Brendan is sick, but the good news is that we had excellent Taylor Report episodes that had remained unplayed.

1. Government Document Reveals Why UK Provides "Stipends, Training, and Equipment" to White Helmets

Vanessa Beeley, of 21st Century Wire, has posted a remarkable document from the UK government (see Twitter, @vanessa beeley) concerning “stipends” for the Syrian Civil Defense(sic), or "White Helmets." Rick Sterling provides a detailed analysis of the document. He points out that Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch use this Western-sponsored terrorist ally as a credible source.

Rick also notes the significance of the liberation of Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp by the Syrian Arab Army and its allies, the Palestinian militias.

2. Injured Workers' Day + Key Issues

 Phil Taylor discusses key issues with injured workers' advocate David Newberry, and also upcoming events, including "Injured Workers' Day," taking place on June 1st.

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