On Air
June 6th 2018

On Today's Lou's Control Rock N Roll Radio Program: Dave Rave calls in to chat about the Westdale Secondary School TEENAGE HEAD show taking place this Friday night! YUP!.. you read that right! Teenage Head plays their old high school! Ewan Lee Exall will also join us to chat about the annual Tribute To Imants Krumins happening this Saturday night . Plus Stephanie Dumbreck of Haunted Hamilton brings us up to speed on her Mobster Ball that she is hosting this weekend. Rob Sweeney gives us the MP3 Of The Week (Fans of Boston Rock N Roll - tune in!!) Plus you will also hear music from Teenage Head, Lazy Cowgirls, Ramones, Snowheel Slim & The Boogie Infection, Ellen Foley, Syd Barrett, The Ugly Ducklings, The Castiles, Screaming Lord Sutch, Rolling Stones & more!

  • Time
  • 7:02
    Huevos Rancheros
    Get Outta Dodge
    Get Outta Dodge
  • 7:04
    Atomic 7
    Gowns By Edith Head
    Her Sassy Kiss
  • 7:06
    The Blue Demons
    The Blue Demons
  • 7:14
    Syd Barrett
    The Mad Cap Laughs
  • 7:31
    Mondo Bizarro
  • 7:34
    The Lazy Cowgirls
    Ragged Soul
    Much Too Slow
  • 7:39
    The Ugly Ducklings
    Somewhere Outside
  • 7:43
    The Castiles
    Baby !
  • 7:44
    Screaming Lord Sutch
    I'm A Hog For You Baby
  • 7:58
    Snowheel Slim The Boogie Infection
    Bad Girl Boogie
  • 8:04
    The Real Kids
    The Kids
    Just Like Darts
  • 8:08
    Ellen Foley
    Night Out
    Stupid Girl
  • 8:11
    Teenage Head
    Frantic City + Some Kinda Fun
  • 8:49
    Rolling Stones
    Hot Rocks 1964-1971
    I Can't Go No Satisfaction
  • 8:57
    john lennon Yoko
    Some Time In New York City
    Well (Baby Please Dont Go)

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