On Air
May 23rd 2018

On today's Lou's Control Rock N Roll Radio Program - you will get two hours of fine ear candy! You will hear music from The Supersuckers, 999, The Flys, The Who, early Sparks, music form Concrete Blonde's first record, The Lemon Fog, The Moving Sidewalks, The Wolves, The Unrelated Segments, The Mushrooms, The Last Heard and more. You will also hear music from Blue Oyster Cult, Blue Coupe and Albert Bouchard as we give Albert a special shout out. He celebrates a birthday tomorrow. Rob Sweeney also gives us another stellar MP3 Of The Week.

  • Time
  • 7:00
    The High Tides
    Desert Sands
    Love Or Money
  • 7:04
    John Mayall The Bluesbreakers
    With Eric Clapton
    Steppin Out
  • 7:06
    Dave Edmunds
    Anthology 1968-1990
  • 7:13
    Unrelated Segments
    Hey Love
  • 7:16
    The Mushrooms
  • 7:18
    The Last Heard
    East Side Story
  • 7:22
    The Lemon Fog
    Echoes Of Time
  • 7:24
    The Wolves
    Banned in Boston
  • 7:28
    The Moving Sidewalks
    The Complete Collection
    99th Floor
  • 7:30
    The Moving Sidewalks
    The Complete Collection
  • 7:37
    The Flys
    Fly Zone
    Living In The Sticks
  • 7:40
    Let's Face It
  • 7:45
    Concrete Blonde
    Concrete Blonde
    Beware Of Darkness
  • 7:49
    A Woofer in Tweeter's Clothing
    Moon Over Kentucky
  • 7:53
    No More Mr Nice Guy
  • 8:02
    The Who
    Meaty Beaty Big Bouncy
    Pictures of Lily
  • 8:05
    Martin Gordon
    Thanks For All the Fish
    Thanks For All The Fish
  • 8:12
    The Supersuckers
    The Evil Powers Of Rock N Roll
    The Evil Powers Of Rock N Roll
  • 8:15
    The Supersuckers
    The Evil Powers Of Rock N Roll
    Hot Like The Sun
  • 8:20
    The Supersuckers
    The Sacrilicious Sounds Of The Supersuckers
    Bad Bad Bad
  • 8:23
    The Supersuckers
    The Greatest Rock N Roll Band In The World
    On The Couch
  • 8:25
    Steve Earle The Supersuckers
    Steve Earle The Supersuckers
    Creepy Jackalope Eye
  • 8:29
    The Eyerollers
    Hidden Holidays EP
  • 8:33
    Blue Oyster Cult
    Secret Treaties
    Career Of Evil
  • 8:37
    Blue Oyster Cult
    Agents Of Fortune
    The Revenge Of Vera Gemini
  • 8:41
    Blue Coupe
    Tornado OnThe Tracks
    Deep End
  • 8:49
    Albert Bouchard
    Vast Dark Night
  • 8:50
    Blue Oyster Cult
    Blue Oyster Cult
    Workshop Of The Telescopes
  • 8:54
    Here Come the Warm Jets
    Driving Me Backwards

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