On Air
March 13th 2018

originally aired 13 Mar 2018

Today, for the first time in my run here at CFMU, I had more than one person in for the MNT Hour.  That's right--I had the great honour of having Duncan, a new volunteer, in to co-host with me to test out his training wheels, and, I must say, he did an awesome job for his first on-air session! Looking forward to seeing him around more at the station.

In today's episode is also the usual content, such as the Emporium, and just another great Tuesday in the studio.

  • Time
  • 11:04
    Language Arts
    Able Island
    You Came Knocking
  • 11:12
    Misfire - Single
  • 11:15
    Slow Burn (Single)
    Slow Burn
  • 11:25
    Sleeptalking (Single)
  • 11:29
    A Round Town
    Oh Suzie
  • 11:31
    No Way Out
    No Way Out
  • 11:35
    Cigarettes For Optimists
    01 - Spring Fling
  • 11:47
    Barbra Lica
    I'm Still Learning
    Secret Heart
  • 11:50
    Lori Cullen
    Sexsmith Swinghammer Songs
    Something Right